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'JvalTest' Java2 Certification Mock Exam Applet


 For detailed syllabus and Objectives please refer to the Sun Java Programmers Exam for JAVA2 Platform. This exam applet was created by Siva Valiveru and Girija Valiveru. We both are certified Java Programmers and we applied our certification experience in preparing this exam applet. Please do use this mock exam only for the practice, for better result go after the following steps,

1)Follow the syllabus provided by Sun. If donít cover any of topics so far cover them.

2)Study Robert & Heller book Sybex publishers named Java Certification 2 Certification Study Guide and or one more book(s) on Java certification.

3)Attempt this mock exams and many more exams on net. For list of mock exams available on net click here mockexams.

4)Compare your answeres. If you get 85%or more you are ready to take the exam.

5)If you get less than that then read the R&H book again with more concentration each and every line with clear understanding.

6) Follow steps 3, 4, 5 until you get 85%.

Also do not assume that this exam is actual reflection of the original examination. Consider this as a just model exam and use for practice. Despite our sincere efforts and thorough scrutiny this mock exam may contain errors, do mail us ( if you find one, mentioning the question and details of the error. Good Luck, and we are glad if you share your original examination experience.

A last word :- Should you find this material useful to you, and/or make use of it in certification process, you are invited to make a donation to Save the Children (or 1-800-243-5075) or to your own favorite charity.


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